The Man Who Killed My Soul on a Thursday

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Autor: Florica Bud
ISBN 978-606-700-954-5

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The Man Who Killed My Soul on a Thursday, novel, Editura eLiteratura, Bucureşti, 2017.

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About the Author

Florica Bud (b. March 21, 1957, Ulmeni / Maramureş. Poet, novelist, publicist. High School „Gheorghe Şincai” BaiaFlorica Bud Mare and Faculty of Mining Petrosani. First work published in: The literary magazine „Artpanorama.” Her first volume – Love, I’m an unflying object – will come into sight in 1993 (Publisher „Gutinul” Baia Mare); Florica Bud becomes popular in the literary world with her novel The Man Who Killed My Soul on a Thursday (Publisher „Dacia,” Cluj-Napoca, 2005 Prize of Writers’ Association Bucharest), as Horia Gârbea, who prefaced the book, signals. In the volume I’m Mariatereza, (Publisher „RAO International,” Bucharest, 2007), the novelist maintains the same architecture that gives a distinctive note to her volumes. Later, determined to „always seduce her readers,” as the literary critic Alex Stefanescu says, she separates the amalgam of genres from previous books, giving rise to the collection of pamphlets We Fix Honor and Short-Necked Bottles (Publisher „Limes,” Cluj-Napoca, 2009) and Century for Sale (Publisher „Maşina de Scris,” Bucharest, 2012). Then she enters the poetic realm with „I Lose Love Monopoly” and „Crucified between Brackets,” both published by „Ramuri” in 2010. Florica Bud frequently writes for contemporary magazines, and she joined the anthologies „Smoke Goggles” and „The BooKitchen with Texts and Images.”.

Published books

  • Love, I’m an Unflying Object, debut book, 1993
  • Running Through Oneself, some prose, 1996
  • Who Loves School?, meditation on a given topic, 1997
  • Billclintonians, 1999
  • The Man who Killed My Soul on a Thursday, 2005; 2016
  • I’m Mariatereza, 2007
  • We Fix Honor and Short-Necked Bottles, 2009
  • I Lose Love Monopoly, Romanian-French bilingual volume, 2010
  • Crucified between Brackets, Romanian-French bilingual volume, 2010
  • Banner of Desires, Romanian-Albanian bilingual volume, 2010
  • Longing for Apetency, 2011
  • Century for Sale, pamphlets, 2012
  • Love, Subject to Reverse Charge – poems, 2013
  • Selected Poems, 2014
  • Last Night of Love, First Night of Sex, 2016


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